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Every pixel counts

About our crew

Lead Contact

Stephan Chilingaryan

Greater than the sum of its parts Diversity is an integral part of our company. We’re a collaborative team based on our differences: we leverage and exploit our backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, personalities, and competencies. Our talents pooled together create, what we call, our company’s biggest value to our customers.

We work hard but we travel harder. And that’s the truth! We’re citizens of the world!! We love traveling to new places, exploring new cultures and enriching ourselves with new experiences and knowledge. We constantly rediscover ourselves with each trip, shifting our perspectives often. This is where we’ve developed our, oh so, sophisticated style of thought, you know, to think outside the box. It’s taught us to be more comfortable with change, think sharper, embrace taking risks and act as better problem solvers. Most importantly, this is where we get inspired with new ideas and creativity. In turn, we inspire our clients to inspire their clients.

We value our clients and it shows Our name is on it! We take HUGE pride in our work and deliver exactly what we promise, when we promise it.  In fact, we also like to throw in a little something extra because it’s fun. Our favorite part of each assignment is working with different people who have different passions, who in turn leverage our services to communicate to their clients. We enjoy interacting and constantly communicating with our clients, always open to any feedback. You see, that’s how we learn what is most valuable to our customers so that we can provide just that, not only what we perceived to be of value. Because at the end, if a client comes back or refers a contact, well, we know we did our job right!

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The Nice Guy


Stephan is always interested in learning about new industries, he says if you are in an industry I have never worked in I want to hear from you.

The Perfectionist

Sarah Marutyan

With an MBA from USC, Marshall School Of Business, Sarah says everything can be analyzed analytically.

The Genius

Tong Lee

The real genius behind the wheel, Tong. He says he does not think there is anything in the world that is not possible to make with zeros and ones.

The Creative Mind

Stas Oganov

With 10+ years of Mastering the Automotive Photography industry, Stas says art/photo is the puzzle piece that completes every job.